Annotate PDF

What Is It?

Annotate PDF is the ability to add PDFs to your notes and annotate them within a Mac note taking app. Annotations can take the form of adding text notes, calling out important information using shapes, or even sketching right on the PDF.

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

Although a Mac note taking app may allow you to add PDFs to your notes and even preview their contents, most don’t allow you to annotate or mark them up.

PDF annotation is an especially-handy feature if you’re a student, because it lets you take your notes right on top of PDF class notes handed out by your professor. That way, you can store the annotated class notes right along with any other class-related notes and information you’ve accumulated in the Mac note taking app.

A tip for students who receive Powerpoints or other documents from their professors and want to annotate them: open those documents in their native applications and save them as PDF before adding them to your notes. The Print panel in all Mac applications has an option to save the output to PDF instead of send it to a printer.

It’s sometimes convenient to be able to create a new PDF from your annotated PDF, so that’s one feature to keep in mind when evaluating apps that support PDF annotation.