What Is It?

Attachments refers to the ability to import and include images and documents within your notes.

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

Not all Mac note taking apps support attachments. Among those apps that do support attachments, the greatest distinguishing factor is what they do with the document at the moment you add it to your notes. There are two possibilities:

  1. The app creates a new copy of the document that it stores along with your notes
  2. The app does not create a copy, but instead creates a link to the original document in your file system

Choose an app that supports both options. If an app only creates copies, you won’t be able to create links to your photo library or other documents that you really don’t want to duplicate. And if an app only creates links, you’ll run into problems if you ever move or delete the attachment, move your notes to another computer, or send your notes to another person.

  • Is there an option to create a link to the attachments instead? If you’re working with photos from your photo managing app, for example, you probably won’t want your note taking app making copies of those photos.
  • Can you edit the attachments in their native apps? For example, can you double-click a Photoshop document you’ve added and start editing it in Photoshop? And when you save, do the changes go to the version in your notes, or does the app create a new, separate version of the file?
  • Can you access your attachments in a pinch? For example, if you have trouble launching the note taking app, can you get to the attachment using the Show Package Contents command in the Finder, or is the attachment buried within the note taking app’s database?

Attachments may be stored as separate notes, or “inline” within the text of a note, as in an email message or web page. Not all apps that support attachments allow them to appear inline, so keep that in mind when choosing a note taking app.