Caboodle Note Taking App

Caboodle Note Taking App
3 stars


Caboodle is a basic snippet manager that can store your notes and documents together in one place. Caboodle presents your information in a single window, with a list of snippets at the left, and the currently-selected snippet at the right. You can group your snippets into hierarchies in the left column.

You can arrange your snippets in an outline-like fashion. Database-like features include the ability attach both structured fields, free-form text, web links, and images and other attachments to any snippet. In the hierarchy, child snippets inherit the custom fields of their parents.

You can encrypt your snippets for security, and the app supports several different import and export formats.



  • Manages notes and documents of all types
  • Encryption of notes
  • Supports tabular data


  • Simple UI makes it hard to manage lots of notes
  • Notes live in a single database


  • $19.99

Overall Rating: 3 / 5

Caboodle at its heart is more of a simple note manager with some additional bells and whistles than a full-fledged note taking app. You can organize your notes into hierarchies but this system quickly breaks down as you gather more and more information. Caboodle also stores all of your notes in a single database, which means all of your project, personal, professional, private, and other notes and materials are all jumbled together in the same place.

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