Circus Ponies NoteBook

Circus Ponies NoteBook
4.5 stars


Circus Ponies NoteBook is designed for note taking and organizing. Each NoteBook document contains pages and dividers just like a regular paper notebook. Each page in one of these electronic notebooks is an outline where you can take structured rich text notes with attachments. You aren’t forced to use the outliner, however – you can place text notes and attachments anywhere on a page, which makes NoteBook super flexible.

For searching, NoteBook includes what they call the “Mutlidex,” which automatically presents the content in your notebooks by different criteria. For example, imagine you need to find a note that contains a particular person’s name – the “Capitalized Words” page shows all of the capitalized words in the notebook, and clicking a word displays all of the notes that contain it. The Multidex contains 10+ other pages that present the content of your Notebook in different ways, and these indexes are updated the moment you add or change a note.



  • Clean user interface
  • Great feature set for the price
  • Gracefully handles large amounts of notes
  • Advanced search feature make it easy to locate notes quickly


  • No iPhone version yet

Free Trial

  • 30 days


  • $49.95

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5

Circus Ponies NoteBook is an amazing app. Its outliner and voice recording features are designed for note taking, and its notebook design help you keep all of those notes organized. Its brilliant Multidex search feature makes it easy to quickly locate notes. Plus it’s packed with all kinds of other features, but in a way that does not overload the user interface. Overall, Circus Ponies NoteBook is the best Mac note taking app.

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