3 stars


DEVONnote is essentially a container for text notes (plain or rich text) and URLs. Information in your DEVONnote “library” is grouped into folders and subfolders. The DEVONnote window presents your library in the left column, with the right side displaying a list of notes in the currently selected folder, and the content of the currently-selected note.

You can add data to DEVONnote by creating a new entry, using a template, or importing. While DEVONnote does support attachments, it does not handle images or multi-media files. You can create Smart Groups that are essentially saved searches, similar to the Smart Playlists feature in iTunes.



  • Easy to import existing notes from folders on your computer


  • Can’t add images or multi-media files
  • Simple UI makes it hard to manage lots of notes
  • Notes are stored in a database

Free Trial

  • 150 hours


  • $24.95

Overall Rating: 3 / 5

DEVONnote is a basic note manager with a feature set that puts it above the lower-end note taking apps. However it does not work with all types of attachments, and its user interface does not scale well when filled with large amounts of information. And the fact that it stores all of your notes in a single database means all of your project, personal, professional, private, and other notes and materials are all jumbled together in the same place.

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