Direct Export to Blog

What Is It?

Direct export to blog refers to the ability to upload notes directly to your “blog” from the Mac note taking app. “Blog” is short for “web log,” a website or portion of a website where discussions or information are posted, broken into discrete entries called “posts.” If a note taking app supports direct export a blog, you can use it to compose and store new blog entries, and to upload those new entries directly through the application as posts when you’re ready to publish them on your website.

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

If you’re choosing a Mac note taking app for blogging, be sure you know what formatting options it supports. MacJournal, for example, lets you upload plain text but doesn’t really have options for formatting that text. Likewise, after some effort it’s possible to associate photos with posts, but there are no options for setting the formatting of those photos (not even basic options like right- or left-alignment). So, while MacJournal may allow you to upload directly through the application, you may not be happy with the way the blog appears on your site, and re-formatting the page online may be more work than just using a more flexible alternative. Naturally, if your posts are simple you won’t miss the formatting options but if you need formatting anything beyond what you get with simple text, be certain that your note taking app offers the options you need.