Evernote Mac App

Evernote Mac App
1.5 stars


Evernote holds just about anything you throw at it, and stores it all in the cloud. Its real strengths lay in its support for multiple platforms: you can access your notes on the Mac, Windows, over the web, or through your flavor of mobile phone.



  • Can store anything
  • Multi-platform access to your notes


  • Simple UI makes it hard to manage lots of notes
  • No offline access of your notes in the free version
  • Paid version costs $4.99 per month, forever
  • Your notes are stored on a server on the Internet
  • Evernote’s terms of service allow it to share your notes with other vendors
  • Evernote has plans to eventually force for-free customers to pay

Overall Rating: 1.5 / 5

Evernote is great for storing snippets but lacks the organizational features of a true note taking app. Evernote does include the concept of “notebooks” but these are essentially just large, unorganized collections of notes, snippets, and documents.

We are very disturbed by the lack of offline access to our notes with the free version, and the perpetual $60.00 per year charge for the paid version. The Evernote CEO is quoted as saying their business plan is called “long-term greedy,” which means Evernote is happy to let you use their service for free for a long time before they force you to start paying. Their thought is that with years of data in their service, you won’t be going anywhere when they start demanding money from you.

We also have security concerns with our notes stored on the Evernote servers. We worry not only about hackers breaking into their systems, but also the fact that Evernote’s terms of service state that Evernote reserves the right to review or enable third parties to review content stored on their servers. In essence, once you store a note at Evernote, it is no longer completely yours.

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