Export Notes as a Website

What Is It?

Export notes as a website refers to the ability of the Mac note taking app to generate a self-contained website from your notes. Typically the website will resemble and operate much like the note taking app – in other words, the website will essentially be a simplified web version of the note taking app, filled with your notes. Exporting your notes as a website allows you to easily share your notes with anyone with a web browser, instead of just other people using the same note taking application.

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

After converting your notes to a website, the next step is to publish the website on the web. Some note taking apps automate the process of uploading the website’s content so that it becomes accessible over the Internet. Others require you to figure this step out yourself.

Usually the website generated by the Mac note taking app is read only, and so the content can be viewed but not changed.

Another option for sharing the website is to copy it to a CD or DVD and send the physical disc to the other person. Once they insert the disc into their computer they can use their web browser to navigate the site as if it were live on the web.

Other options for sharing your notes outside of the note taking app may include exporting them as a PDF document.