Export Notes to ePub

What Is It?

Export notes to ePub refers to the ability to generate ePub documents directly from your notes, much as you might generate a PDF. ePub, short for “electronic publication,” is a free and open e-book standard maintained by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). The ePub electronic book format has become the industry standard for distributing texts electronically, making eBooks that use this format readable on a wide range of eReaders, such as the Amazon Kindle. An ePub file, with the “.epub” extension, is actually a ZIP archive containing the XML files that describe the book and its content, and sometimes image or media files.

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

ePub export is primarily of interest to writers interested in publishing their work electronically. If you’re publishing a book or other text, you will no doubt also be concerned about the layout of the piece – for example, the format and placement of page numbers, the format of chapter names, the layout of the table of contents, and so on. Although you may be able to export to ePub, direct support for all of these important formatting settings will most-often be far ouside the scope of a typical Mac note taking app. There is, however, a tool called calibre, which is a free and open source e-book library management application. You can use calibre to reformat your ePub output if your note taking app doesn’t provide the formatting options you desire.