Free Access to Notes

What Is It?

Free access to notes means that your notes are stored on your local drive and are available to you at all times. This may seem like an obvious feature of all Mac note taking apps but that’s not the case. Certain apps store your notes on servers on the Internet and therefore require an Internet connection to access them. If you have a problem with your Internet connection, cannot find a WiFi hotspot, or are on an airplane, you won’t be able to access your notes.

What Else Should I Know?

Evernote is the only app reviewed here that requires an Internet connection in order for you to access your notes – at least that’s the requirement for the free version of their service, where your notes only live on the Evernote servers. Oddly enough, this restriction is lifted if you sign up for their premium service, which costs $4.99 per month. With the Evernote premium service, the Evernote application maintains a copy of your notes on your Mac so that they are always available, even when you are offline.

Also, if you’re using the free version where your notes only live on the Evernote servers, your notes will be inaccessible whenever the Evernote servers go down, for maintenance or otherwise.

Access is not the only issue in question. When you store your notes and information on Evernote‚Äôs servers, you are not the only one with access to that information—Evernote Corporation has access rights, too. Their terms of service state that Evernote reserves the right to review or enable third parties to review content stored on their servers. These terms apply to both the free and premium versions of their service.