Full-screen Editing

What Is It?

Full-screen editing refers to the ability to fill your computer’s screen with the Mac note taking app’s window, so that you can use the full height and width of your screen to view your notes. In full-screen mode, not only is the note taking app’s window full sized, but the menu and dock also disappear. The idea behind full-screen editing is removal of all distractions so that you can focus on your note-taking or writing task.

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

Full-screen editing is a common feature of Mac note taking apps that are designed more for writers than for general note taking. But keep in mind that even though a note taking app may not explicitly support full-screen mode, you can always enlarge the note taking app’s window so that it covers the screen. The green button near the left edge of the window’s title bar even lets you perform this resize in a single click. And the keyboard shortcut Option-Command-D hides and shows the dock no matter what application you’re working in. In other words, this a simple feature to replicate even with applications that are not listed above

One other alternative when your note taking app does not explicitly support full-screen mode is to move its window to its own Space in the Spaces feature of OS X. That way, when you want to focus on using your note taking app you can just move to that space and all other application windows will be whisked away, leaving you to focus just on that task.