Google Keep (Away) From My Mac Notes

Google recently released a note collection service called “Keep.” On your Mac you access the service through your web browser, and store your notes, clippings, and whatever else you put into it on servers on the web.

Google Keep appears targeted at Evernote, which also stores your notes on the web. Evernote’s main strength is that you can put anything into it, but like your kitchen junk drawer, all that clutter makes it hard to find individual notes when you need them. Google, figuring it has the knowhow to make web-based junk drawers that are at least as big, decided to throw its hat into the ring.

An effective note taking app is more than just a shoebox stuffed full of notes. Every note has some amount of context, large or small, such as its relationship to other notes, or its relevance to some task. Without organizational features (no, a list is not organization), there’s no way to add that context information to your notes. The net result: with apps like Evernote or Google Keep you may start off thinking they’re great, but after you collect a decent amount of information you will be overwhelmed because of the lack of organization.

This site is dedicated to reviewing Mac note taking apps. Google Keep, with its web interface, doesn’t qualify as a Mac note taking app, but if it did we would give it a single star. Or maybe 1/2.

Happy note taking!

Aloha from Cupertino,

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