1 stars


Justnotes is a simple note manager. The Justnotes window lists your notes in a column on the left, and the content of the currently selected note on the right. The note list shows the first line of each note in bold, and optionally its next few lines of text. A search field above the note list lets you search for notes that contain a search string.

Justnotes only supports plain text notes—you can change some basic settings like font and font size, but those settings apply to all of your notes. You can’t add documents to your note collection.

Justnotes does support syncing your notes between your Mac and iOS devices using the Simplenote text-note syncing service, or Dropbox.



  • Syncs your notes to all of your devices via the Simplenote service or Dropbox


  • Plain text notes only
  • Simple UI makes it hard to manage lots of notes
  • No support for attachments


  • $9.99

Overall Rating: 1 / 5

Justnotes is pretty much just notes, and nothing else. It’s primary strength is its ability to sync notes across multiple devices, but its notes are plain text only. Justnotes does not accept attachments, so you can’t add spreadsheets or other relevant documents as notes. And its simple list manager, like other similar Mac note apps, leaves you drowning in notes when you have a large collection.

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