Link Contacts to Notes

What Is It?

Link contacts to notes refers to the ability of the Mac note taking app to create a link between a note and an entry in your address book. If you are managing a work project or coordinating a research assignment at school, your important contacts can be embedded directly in your notes for easy communication. This link might take the form of a hyperlink within the text of the note, or an icon attached to the note that, when clicked, reveals the contact in the Contacts application.

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

The ability to link notes to contacts is a very convenient feature if you’re using your Mac note taking app to manage client projects. For example, if you’re preparing a presentation for a client, you might include a link to your client’s contact info so that you can quickly call or email with just a click from your notes.

For apps that include this feature you’ll want to make sure the app creates a link to the contact instead of a copy of the contact information. If the app makes a copy of the contact, you’ll run into trouble when you update the contact in your address book because the copy stored in the note taking app will be out of date.