Mac Note Taking Apps and Tasks

When taking notes it’s quite common to jot down tasks that you need to accomplish in the future. While it’s easy enough to enter these tasks in your notes, if your Mac notes app doesn’t give you a way to track them you’ll quickly lose sight of what you need to do. This is especially true if you take lots and lots of notes.

That’s why task management is such an important feature of any Mac notes app. There are two parts to working with tasks in your notes. The first is being able to mark a note as a task in some way. The second is a way to manage all the tasks that exist in your notes. Managing tasks doesn’t have to be as elaborate as a full-blown calendar in the Mac notes app, but you do need a way to see the tasks you’ve created in more than one note taking session.

As with other note taking features, you want to make sure the app you choose has task management features built in. That’s because you don’t want to invest a lot of time and notes in an app only to discover the feature is missing when you need it. Our section on task management lists the Mac note taking apps that support this feature, and goes into more depth about what to look for when evaluating an app.

That’s it for now – happy note taking!

Aloha from Cupertino,

Mac Note Taking Apps