Task Management

What Is It?

Task management refers to the ability to manage and track tasks within the Mac note taking app. Some note taking apps accomplish this by maintaining an action item category of notes. Other note taking apps allow you to turn any note into an action item.

Note taking apps usually denote action items with checkboxes. Some allow you to designate a priority, a due date, or alarm for tasks. There might even be support for action item management strategies such as the popular “Getting Things Done” methodology.

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

There’s a natural connection between task management and note taking because the situations in which you take notes are often the same ones that generate action items (meetings, class lectures, etc.). Being able to manage action items in the same place as your notes streamlines your workflow—you don’t have to switch away from your note taking app to record the action item.

If you’re using your note taking app to manage a project, the ability to add action items to your notes and to sync them to your calendar are musts.

Mac note taking app writers, for the most part, consider a full-blown calendar to be outside the scope of what they’re trying to accomplish, so you should not expect to see one in your notes. That said, you’ll probably find that full calendar support isn’t really necessary in the context of a notes app.