3 stars


MacJournal is a personal writing tool that also organizes your writing. MacJournal organizes your notes into “documents” made up of “journals.” Each journal contains “entries,” which are individual notes. The MacJournal window presents your MacJournal documents in a column on the left, with the right side listing the current document’s journals, individual notes, and the content of the current note.

One nice feature for writers is MacJournal’s ability to upload notes directly to your blog. Blog support is rudimentary, however—you can’t edit your blog’s HTML code directly, and uploading and associating images with blog posts can be tricky.



  • Notes are stored in documents
  • Rudimentary support for posting to blogs


  • Designed more for writers than general note taking
  • Simple UI makes it hard to manage lots of notes
  • Basic search breaks down when storing lots of notes

Free Trial

  • 15 days


  • $39.95

Overall Rating: 3 / 5

MacJournal is an able note/snippet manager, though it seems a bit overpriced for the features it provides. Bloggers may the convenience of direct upload to the web, but it lacks the tools necessary for organizing lots of notes. And the fact that it stores all of your notes in a single database means all of your project, personal, professional, private, and other notes and materials are all jumbled together in the same place

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