OmniOutliner Pro

OmniOutliner Pro
3 stars


OmniOutliner Pro is, as its name implies, an app for creating outlines. Each Omni Outliner document window displays a toolbar, with the outline content below, and a “drawer” of options that slides out to the side. The outliner is full-featured, and supports rich text and attachments.

The OmniOutliner Pro outliner also supports tabular data—you can turn any outline into a multi-column outline. Unfortunately it’s all or nothing. If you want to store tabular data there’s no way to do that by placing a table within the outline. Instead, your entire outline becomes a table, whether you need columns everywhere or not.

You can “clip” selections from your current app into OmniOutliner Pro by way of Services. These clippings are stored in one central location, which means you must manually move them to their final destination (if you’re managing multiple projects, you have to recall which project you intended for each of your clippings). There’s a voice recording feature, though it’s not what you would expect – the audio is not synced to your notes as you type. Rather, recordings are simply stored as attachments within the outline.



  • Solid outliner


  • Expensive for its limited feature set

Free Trial

  • 14 days


  • $69.99

Overall Rating: 3 / 5

OmniOutliner Pro is a solid outliner, though pricey, especially for its limited feature set. OmniOutliner Pro works well for taking notes in a meeting or class, but after your 20th note taking session you’re on your own as far as keeping all those notes organized.

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