Pear Note

Pear Note
2 stars


Pear Note (aka PearNote) is primarily an app for taking notes during presentations or other live events. That’s because it’s designed to record the speaker and synchronize that recording with your notes. Its main window displays a text area for typing or reading notes at the left, and a section for controlling the audio recording at the right.

Pear Note syncs the recorded audio and your individual keystrokes from a note taking session and presents them on a timeline. You can use the timeline to later replay the recording from any location within your typed notes.

Pear Note claims to support outlining but it’s no better than the outlining tools built into TextEdit (which is to say, not much of anything).



  • Voice recording synced to your notes as you type


  • Light on features
  • Simple UI makes it hard to manage lots of notes
  • No support for attachments


  • $39.99

Overall Rating: 2 / 5

Pear Note is well designed for recording audio while taking notes. It’s not a one-of-a-kind feature, however, and certainly not one that justifies Pear Note’s high price (other apps reviewed here include voice recording plus gobs of other features for nearly the same price; see Voice Recording for a list of all the apps that include this feature). And while Pear Note shines in voice recording, it falls down in keeping your accumulated notes organized and accessible.

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