Rich Text Notes

What Is It?

Rich text notes refers to the ability to create notes using more than just plain text, specifically:

  • Multiple fonts
  • Bold, underline, and other styles
  • Superscript and subscript
  • Text alignment such as center and justified
  • Tab stops

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

Most note taking apps support rich text but there are a few that do not. Rich text support is built into OS X so it’s easy to add to Mac applications. There’s really no good reason to settle for an app that doesn’t support it. You will also encounter situations where you will need at least one of these formatting features when capturing or saving a note. It’s better to use an app that supports rich text from the start than to find yourself stuck at some moment in the future.

When evaluating a Mac note taking app, be sure to confirm that its iPhone/iPad counterpart also supports rich text. If it doesn’t, your notes won’t look the same on those devices, and you will probably lose that formatting when you make edits. Unfortunately iOS does not include support for rich text, so you won’t find a lot of apps that include it either.

Rich text is a subset of the Word document format (both were created by Microsoft for word processing).