Rich Text Support is a Must for Mac Notes

Most Mac notes apps support rich text notes but surprisingly not all. When choosing a Mac notes app you should definitely steer clear of the ones that don’t.

Rich text refers to support for multiple fonts, attributes like bold, underline, strikethrough, and ruler settings like alignment (left, right, center) and tab stops. Rich text is the opposite of plain text, where the text characters are drawn using just one font and no attributes.

Rich text support is important because it allows you to express yourself as if you were taking notes on paper. When taking notes by hand you might underline an important point, strikethrough an incorrect notation, write some letters larger than others for emphasis, and so on. If you’re stuck with plain text notes you can’t add these kinds of cues, and so your notes end up containing less information.

Rich text support is easy to add to any app on the Mac. There are software codes created by Apple that developers can include in their apps with little effort, so it’s even more questionable why a developer would choose not to do so. Rich text takes a little more space to store on disk, but especially with drives approaching one terabyte, the modestly-extra space is of little concern. The feature matrix on the home page includes a column showing which apps do and don’t support rich text – be sure to refer to it as you evaluate Mac note taking apps.

Aloha from Cupertino,

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