Simple Text Search

What Is It?

Simple text search refers to the ability of the Mac note taking app to search the text in notes for occurrences of one or more words. Simple text search may make allowances for case, but other than that is fairly literal in what it matches. In other words, the notes that match must contain the exact sequence of characters you type in the search field. This is the kind of searching you find in word processing and other similar applications, only applied to collections of notes. It’s most useful when your search term contains words that are unique to a small subset of all the notes you’re searching.

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

Most note taking apps perform simple text search. Unfortunately simple text search becomes essentially useless when a search returns lots of results. That’s because the longer the list of results, the more time it takes you to find the note you’re looking for in that list (if you’ve ever used the Spotlight search function on your Mac you probably can relate). As you accumulate more and more notes, simple text search breaks down and ultimately puts you in the role of search engine instead of your computer. Note taking apps that include advanced search abilities employ various techniques to avoid presenting you with long lists of search results.