SOHO Notes App

SOHO Notes App
3 stars


SOHO Notes is an app for organizing snippets of information. Its main window consists of three panes. The left pane displays snippet categories like “Vacation,” “Receipts,” and “Passwords.” SOHO Notes lets you create subcategories within the top-level categories. The middle pane lists the snippets in the current category and the content of the currently-selected snippet. And the right pane shows information about the current snippet like tags you’ve assigned to it.

SOHO Notes can store rich text notes as well at attachments. You can create voice and video notes, although this is not the same as voice recording where a recording of the person speaking is synchronized to your notes. Instead the recordings are stored as separate notes within your note collection. You can assign shortcuts to categories, making it easy to clip content into a category.



  • Large feature set


  • Designed for holding snippets, not for note taking
  • Simple UI makes it hard to manage lots of notes
  • Notes stored in a database

Free Trial

  • 30 days


  • $39.99

Overall Rating: 3 / 5

SOHO Notes’ focus on managing everyday snippets of information make it a poor app for note taking and organizing. There are other apps reviewed here that are good at both, for about the same price.

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