Spreadsheet-like Tables

What Is It?

Spreadsheet-like tables refers to the ability of the Mac note taking app to manage data in tables that are able to perform calculations, much as in a spreadsheet application. For example, storing a set of product prices in a column and entering a formula in the last cell that calculates and displays the sum of the prices.

Spreadsheet-like tables are useful to anyone who wants to perform quick calculations using the data stored in a table, such as a researcher managing test results, a consultant computing billable hours, a project manager tracking the weight of the components of a product, and so on. The advantage of storing tabular data within your notes instead of in a separate spreadsheet is direct access to the data without having to launch a spreadsheet app. Support for formulae makes it even less likely you will need to resort to a spreadsheet in order to manage your data sets.

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

Some note taking apps let you add tables to manage data, but not all of them support spreadsheet-like formulae within the table cells.