Supports Tabular Data

What Is It?

Supports tabular data refers to the ability to manage tabular data within the Mac note taking app. Usually this takes the form of a spreadsheet-like grid of rows and columns (a table).

Support for tabular data comes in handy for researchers managing test results. It’s also convenient for organizing things like client billing records, study schedules, and so on. The advantage of storing tabular data right within your notes instead of in a spreadsheet document is direct access to the data within the note taking app itself—there’s no other app to launch to view or work with your data. And in most cases the flow from notes to a table to more notes is preferable to breaking that flow with a document from a spreadsheet application.

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

Some note taking apps allow you to add spreadsheet-like formulae to cells in the tables that update as values in the table change.