Sync Tasks to Calendar

What Is It?

Sync tasks to calendar refers to the ability to sync notes you’ve turned into action items to your calendar from the Mac note taking app.

As previously noted, there’s a natural connection between task management and note taking because action items often emerge right from the situations in which you find yourself taking notes (meetings, class lectures, brainstorms, etc.). The ability to manage notes and their related action items in the same place streamlines your workflow. One downside to adding action items to your notes is the fact that you now have action items in two places: the note taking app, and your regular calendar. With the note-based action items separated from your calendar, you run the risk of losing sight of them. The ability to sync these action items to your calendar means you don’t have to remember to check two places for tasks – you can see the complete picture right from your calendar.

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

Syncing tasks to your calendar also allows those tasks to take advantage of the calendar’s alert system: you can set alarms, etc. on the note-based action items, and those alarms will trigger using the calendar’s built-in alert system.

Ideally the action item export should be true syncing, where you can modify or check off a task on your calendar, and have those changes automatically propagate back to your notes.