Sync with iPad App

What Is It?

Sync with iPad refers to the Mac note taking app’s ability to publish your notes for viewing and editing on your iPad, and to sync changes you make between the two platforms. Accessing your notes from your iPad typically involves a companion application that runs on the iPad, but might alternatively happen through a web interface – in this case you would use Safari or some other browser on your iPad to access your notes.

Syncing involves not only the ability to access your notes on both your Mac and your iPad, but also a conduit for the two platforms to pass updates and changes. Common methods of passing notes between the platforms include Dropbox, iCloud, and private syncing systems.

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

Some apps allow you to view your notes on your iPad but don’t let you make changes or add new notes there. While note viewing on the iPad is better than nothing, we don’t consider this to be syncing.

When evaluating a Mac note taking app for its ability to sync with your iPad, it’s important to determine the fidelity of the note transfer. For example, iOS does not include support for rich text, so the note taking app developer must do additional work in the iPad companion app to support it, or not support it at all. If the developer doesn’t include support, that means your notes won’t look the same on the iPad, and formatting will be lost on the Mac when you make edits on your iPad.