Tag Notes with Keywords

What Is It?

Tag notes with keywords refers to the ability to assign one or more keywords to a note within a Mac note taking app. They generally consist of one or more words, and in most cases you can create your own set of them. Keywords take on whatever meaning you attribute to them.

Keywords are used to further describe or categorize a note beyond whatever major category it may be assigned to. For example, if the note taking app has a simplistic user interface and you’ve created a “Work” notes category, you could create keywords like “Project” or “Web Research” and assign them to notes in that category. Most note taking apps allow you to assign more than one keyword to a note, so there’s no limit to how deeply you can classify your notes.

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

Keywords are generally used to aid in note searches, because they are another dimension that can help narrow down the search results. For example, if searching your Work notes category for a project name returns 500 results, a search of your Project-tagged Work notes may return fewer results.

Of course the downside to tagging with keywords is you, the user, must be diligent about your tagging. If you rely on keywords when performing searches, you must be sure to tag every new note you add, and to tag it with the correct keywords. An automated tagging system or more advanced search feature are the only really practical approaches when it comes to searching lots of notes.