The Importance of Mixing Text and Attachments in a Mac Notes App

Many of the Mac note taking apps reviewed here support attachments in some way, but all attachment support is not equal. In a lot of cases these apps treat an attachment just like another note – meaning that when the app lists your notes you see an entry for each text note as well as each attachment. While it’s easier to write a Mac notes app that works this way, users really need finer grain control over the relationship between their notes and attachments.

If I have a some project notes and a spreadsheet, for example, I might want to make a note right alongside the spreadsheet. Or I might want the freedom of writing, “Review this spreadsheet:”, and follow that text with the actual document. In these cases, the spreadsheet is not a separate note but an integral part of the notes I’m creating. Apps that force me to differentiate between text and “document” notes don’t work here.

When it comes to working with notes and managing projects, you really need the ability to intersperse your notes with attachments. Not unlike the freedom we have when crafting an email (at least in apps like Apple Mail). It’s important that when you sit down to evaluate a Mac note taking app you determine its level of support for attachments. You don’t want to be surprised by its limits when you’re in the middle of organizing a complex project, or have filled the app with half-a-year of notes.

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