3 stars


Together Mac is an app for managing text notes and documents. Its main window contains three panes: the leftmost pane lists note categories, the middle pane lists the notes in the selected category, and the rightmost pane displays the content of the selected note (there is also a top-down layout option).

Together lets you add rich text notes, which appear in the “Notes” category, and attachments which appear in the “Documents” category. You can annotate notes with color-coded labels, tags, and comments. There’s a floating note shelf that lives at the side of your screen that lists your note categories. You can add a new note by dragging it into a category in this window.

For searching, Together relies upon the Spotlight system that’s built into OS X. Unfortunately Spotlight is slow, and overall is not a well designed search technology.



  • Can store anything


  • Simple UI makes it hard to manage lots of notes
  • Notes stored in a database

Free Trial

  • 15 days


  • $39.95

Overall Rating: 3 / 5

Together Mac is a simple note manager app that is probably more-correctly classified as a snippet manager than as a note-taking app. It also lacks organizational features and is pricey compared to its competition in the note taking space. And the fact that it stores all of your notes in a single database means all of your project, personal, professional, private, and other notes and materials are all jumbled together in the same place.

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