Voice Recording Gives Your Notes a Boost

At first glance, audio recording may seem out of place within a Mac notes app. However if you take lots of notes, you’ll quickly find this feature indispensable. Voice recording is like having an assistant who is capturing everything in the background. If you get distracted, or even just decide to sit back and listen to the speaker without actively taking notes, you will have an audio transcript of the meeting or lecture that contains all the information.

The most useful kind of voice recording is where the Mac note taking app lets you start playback of the audio from any point in your notes. Let’s say you received a text while typing a note and missed most of what the speaker said at that time. With the ability to start playback of the audio from the point at which you started typing the note, you can easily fill in whatever you failed to capture in your notes.

Once you start taking notes with voice recording turned on you’ll wonder how you ever did it without it. Not only does an audio transcript let you fill in your notes with anything you missed, it also helps you reduce instances of missing or incorrect information. You can even replay the entire meeting or lecture at your leisure, to prepare for an exam or to just absorb the material more fully. Check out the page on voice recording to see which Mac note taking apps support it.

That’s it for now – happy note taking!

Aloha from Cupertino,

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