Voice Recording

What Is It?

Voice recording, aka voice annotation, is the ability to record the audio in the room while you take notes within the Mac note taking app, and to have that audio synced to your notes. Having an audio recording of the note taking session that’s synced to your notes is useful because:

  • You can replay the audio from any point in your notes in order to make corrections to or fill in missing details
  • If you are distracted by a thought or incoming text, you won’t miss what was being said
  • If you’re a student you can prepare for a test by replaying the entire audio of the class

Mac Notes Apps with This Feature

What Else Should I Know?

Most note taking apps do not support voice recording. Some claim to support it but may not actually sync the recording to your notes. In other words, these apps make audio recordings but they are stored without any connection to the notes you take while the recording is in progress. This means there’s no way to easily replay the recording from some location within your notes.

You’ll also want to know if the note taking app can transfer the recorded audio to your iPod or iPhone. This kind of audio export feature lets you listen to audio recordings separate from the app (and your computer). Imagine, form example, replaying the audio from an important meeting while on the train on your way home from work.