Welcome to Mac Note Taking Apps!

Welcome to Mac Note Taking Apps, the site that evaluates the most well-known note taking apps for Mac feature-by-feature, and makes it easy for you to find the best app for you.

You have lots of options when it comes to note taking software for Mac. With so many apps out there it can be hard to determine the best choice without wasting a lot of time or money. As note-taking fanatics, we decided to help make the selection process easier. The result is this web site, Mac Note Taking Apps, a resource for you and everyone else who take notes on their Macs.

Our comparison chart on the home page lists the 33 most-important features for note taking, and shows which apps have those features and which do not. Click any feature to read an in-depth description so that you can understand why it’s important and how it relates into your needs. You can also click any of the 15 apps in the chart and read our write-up of its features, pros, cons, and ranking overall.

We hope you find the Mac Note Taking Apps site useful, and that you refer back to it as you navigate the world of note taking apps for Mac. If you have feedback or want to get in touch, please visit our about page.

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Mac Note Taking Apps