What Do Attachments Have to Do With Notes?

When you think notes, you might not also think attachments.

Notes are typically chunks of text that you type out or copy/paste from somewhere else. You might dress them up with different fonts or other rich text attributes, but that’s the limit of what you can do with a text note.

An attachment is a document created in an app other than your Mac note taking app (the term “attachment” comes from the idea of “attaching” a document to a mail or other type of message). Documents can contain notes, like a memo in Microsoft Word from a colleague. Documents can also be related to notes, like a PDF of blueprints for an architect’s next project. In neither case do you want the documents to be stored separately from your related text notes. Clearly your Mac note taking app must allow you to add documents to your notes.

There are two approaches to adding documents to your notes. The first is similar to email where the document is embedded within the text of the note. This is known as “inline” placement. The second is by adding the document as its own “note.” In this case the attachment would appear as an entry within the note taking app’s list of notes. You would want to group the attachment with its related notes using categories or tags.

“What do attachments have to do with notes?” Sometimes they have everything to do with your notes, so make sure the Mac note taking app you select supports attachments.

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