WriteRoom Mac

WriteRoom Mac
1 stars


WriteRoom Mac is a minimalist tool designed solely for writing. WriteRoom presents a single window with a text area where you type. You can expand this window to full-screen for distraction-free writing.

WriteRoom supports plain and multi-font text, but not attachments. It supports basic text editing features like changing the font size and text alignment, mirroring the basic text formatting that’s built into OS X.

WriteRoom stores each of your writing sessions in its own document. It also supports “themes,” which change the look of your WriteRoom session. For example, the there’s a typewriter theme that includes a wood desk background and typewriter font.

There’s a WriteRoom companion app for iOS, which uses the Dropbox file sharing service to sync your WriteRoom documents.



  • Notes are stored in documents


  • Very limited feature set
  • Designed for writers rather than general-purpose note taking


  • $9.99

Overall Rating: 1 / 5

WriteRoom Mac is a writing tool that is essentially TextEdit with a couple extra features. We don’t recommend it at all for note taking.

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