3 stars


Yojimbo Mac is an app for managing snippets of information. Its main window contains three panes: the leftmost pane lists note categories, the top pane lists the notes in the selected category, and the large bottom pane displays the content of the selected note. Yojimbo comes with pre-defined categories like Bookmarks, Passwords, and Archives, and you can create your own.

Yojimbo supports rich text notes and attachments, and you can categorize your notes using tags. There‚Äôs a floating note “dock” that lives at the side of your screen that lists your note categories. You can add a new note by dragging into a category in this window.

There’s a companion app that runs on the iPad, but it’s only a note viewer. You cannot edit your notes on your iPad, or add new ones. Yojimbo can also turn your notes to a read-only website, for access through a web browser.



  • Can store anything


  • Simple UI makes it hard to manage lots of notes
  • Notes stored in a database

Free Trial

  • 30 days


  • $38.99

Overall Rating: 3 / 5

Yojimbo Mac is a simple note manager app that is probably more-correctly classified as a snippet manager than as a note-taking app. It also lacks organizational features and is pricey compared to its competition in the note taking space. And the fact that it stores all of your notes in a single database means all of your project, personal, professional, private, and other notes and materials are all jumbled together in the same place

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